Convenient. Comfortable. Safe. Bunnies Diapers for happy babies


With a non-woven layer surface enriched with tea tree oil, our Bunnies baby diapers offer essential hydration for smooth skin and lasting comfort. In addition, the breathable bottom layer makes the diaper ultra-dry and the integrated anti-leakage shields prevent any waste from dropping.

Why Bunnies
  • The diaper changing experience is made easy and convenient with the Magic Tap feature which ensures adequate comfort for the baby and easy disposal by absorbing any liquid waste present. The Wetness Indicator shows when a change is needed, making it convenient and simple to keep track of.

  • Customers who choose our innovative Bunnies baby diapers say “yes” to a non-fuss experience, providing the baby with the best fit, best comfort and best protection for the most sensitive skin. We combine thoughtfully selected materials with the latest technologies available on the market for a pleasurable experience for both the parents and the babies.

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